Code of Conduct


It is the basic right of each student to obtain a quality education in a safe, positive and caring environment, and no one has the right to disrupt this process.

Our Code of Conduct:

The school’s code of conduct applies in the classroom, in the school, on the school grounds, on the way to and from school, on field trips and while participating in school programs and activities, by students, parents, coaches and involved members of the community.  Special consideration may apply to students with special needs who are unable to comply with expectations due to a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, or behavioural nature, to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis to come to a resolution.  Expectations increase as students move through successive grades, become older and more mature.

Our School Motto:

At Discovery, we S.O.A.R. (Safety, Ownership, Attitude, Respect).

Acceptable Conduct:

Students show safety by:

  • Using the washrooms safely and appropriately
  • Walking inside the school
  • Staying in the school yard’s boundaries
  • Playing with others in a fair and safe manner. (e.g. “Hands and feet off” / “Keep your feet on the ground”)
  • Using swings in a fair and safe manner (e.g. sitting properly)
  • Using gliders in a fair and safe manner (e.g. no doubling or rockets)
  • Not throwing objects such as rocks, fir cones, sand, dirt, sticks and snowballs
  • Not using scooters, bikes, roller blades and skateboards on the school grounds
  • Staying away from the bike rack and parking lot
  • Being wildlife aware

Students show ownership by:

  • Attending school regularly and being on time
  • Being prepared with materials and doing one’s best
  • Cleaning up
  • Changing shoes
  • Taking care of equipment
  • Looking after nature and the environment

Students show a proper attitude by:

  • Following the directions of all school staff
  • Using W.I.T.S. to solve problems peacefully
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Wearing clean, inside shoes
  • Being out of the classroom at recess and during lunch playtimes, unless supervised by school staff
  • Using the washroom and fountain by the gym during recess and lunch

Students show respect by:

  • Working and playing in ways that do not interfere with the rights of others
  • Being courteous and kind to all
  • Following class rules
  • Walking silently and single file in the hallways
  • Staying out of the gardens and trees